PRIDE: Queer & Trans Resource Guide

In honor of Pride Month 2019, the team at Spring Up, a queer and trans led multimedia artivist collective shifting culture to address/prevent gender based violence through consent education and transformative justice, felt it crucial to create a robust queer and trans specific survival guide to increase accessibility to the tools, resources, and services many in our communities need.

Stas Schmiedt, Co-Founder & Co-Director at Spring Up during our #ConsentAnd Pride episode of our podcast - linked below

Stas Schmiedt, Co-Founder & Co-Director at Spring Up during our #ConsentAnd Pride episode of our podcast - linked below

We know that from birth, queer and trans people are forced into rigid confines of identity, gender, and sex, and are target to violence of many forms when we disrupt societal norms and bravely live out our wholeness and truths. We also know that to maintain a constructed sense of “normalcy” where “women” and “men” are seen as opposite in nature and complementary with each other (heteronormativity), society criminalizes our queer, trans, and non-binary bodies and erases our existence on deeply entrenched systemic scales. As a result, even though we experience violence at higher rates, those who are meant to care for us, support our healing, and facilitate our survival (social service workers, healthcare providers, etc.) rarely have been educated with the knowledge necessary to interact with our bodies in healthy, liberating ways.

For centuries, our transcestors and freedom fighters have struggled to create alternatives to these harmful institutions by building spaces rooted in disruption of society’s traps. They created mutual aid networks, built safe houses, curated pleasure and joy spaces, and actively resisted layered systems of oppression by intentionally connecting across race, gender, class and livelihood. To honor them and the many queer and trans people who’ve lost their lives to violence over the years, we’ve created this guide to uplift the existence of spaces built for us, by us, and with our needs in mind. From resources on how to support incarcerated queer and trans people to finding an LGBTQIA+ affirming health care provider, the guide is a starting point to mapping out the tools necessary for our collective freedoms and survival.  

Alongside the many resources listed in the guide below, our team has curated and embedded a queer and trans safety and self care plan. As queer and trans folks, we’re conditioned to continually violate our sense of self and accomodate the needs of those around us to feel safe and establish a sense of belonging. The safety and self care plan challenges those interacting with it to honor the self with activities to:

  1. Identify one’s internal boundaries (physical, mental, sexual, spiritual etc.) with boundary mapping tools.

  2. Lay out one’s support systems to enhance self and community resiliency.

  3. Identify and honor one’s self-care and healing practices.

  4. Recognize signs of trigger, anxiety, depression, etc. and intentionally surface practices to ground and care for one’s self.




A Space for Dialogue: Our #ConsentAnd Pride Podcast

To hold space for open, vulnerable dialogue exploring how we move to create these healthy, liberating spaces embodiment of a culture of consent rooted in communal agency and commitment to meeting the needs of those most marginalized, we spoke to Helen Pena, founder of (F)empower, and Bernice Mulenga, of PxssyPalace, on our #ConsentAnd Pride podcast episode. Both are femme, queer, and trans-led arrivist collectives raising queer feminist consciousness by creating empowered safe spaces for QTPOC communities to collaborate, learn, unlearn, teach, showcase, and play together. They’ve intentionally created community policies and guidelines to reduce the harm and violence experienced by queer, trans, and non-binary folks of color. Access these guides for ideas on how to curate your own events among the resources listed above and listen to their stories and journey with building spaces embodiment of a culture of harm reduction, safety, and consent at



Identification Changes

Police & Prisons


A Space for Survival and Healing: We first shared our QT Safety & Self Care Plan at the South Florida TransCon hosted by the Aqua Foundation

Over the years, we’ve held space to facilitate trainings, workshops, survivor healing circles, organizational culture shifts, among many other things, for those in communities seeking space to heal from trauma, address harm, and respond to/prevent gender based violence. Earlier this year, we facilitated a workshop on transformative justice and community accountability for the Miami trans and non-binary community at the Aqua Foundation’s annual Transcon. We provided as a resource for the very first time our queer and trans safety and self care plan to intentionally build community support and resiliency. Download it and explore the rest of the resource guide below


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