Watch & Share our TEDx Talk: Cultivating a Culture of Consent

We had the honor of presenting a TEDx talk last October in New York City. The event was about "practicing change" and was focused on how our inner work can shape and improve the work we do in the world. We decided to talk about our path of healing from trauma into writing our book, Millennial Sex (Education). The video was just posted on TEDx's official youtube, so you can see it below! 

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we are grateful to have this opportunity to share a message of healing, love, & consent during this time. Please help us get this message to those who need it! We created shareable images and tweets to make it easier for you to spread the word (those are also included below).

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To end rape culture & anti-queerness, we have 2 start w/ the ways we internalized these beliefs #cultivateconsent

I am loved just because I exist, I don’t need to become anyone other than who I am to deserve love #cultivateconsent

Learning to love each other no matter what was the silver bullet to the shame we held from our trauma

Sex education should prepare people to develop healthy sexual & gender expression #millennialsexeducation

Sex Ed in the US has been motivated by goals of abstinence & heterosexuality - not wellness #millennialsexeducation

American sex ed has used shame & scare tactics to try to limit & control youth sexuality #millennialsexeducation

Demonizing queerness & presenting sex as dangerous leads to shame, victimblaming. This is the core of #rapeculture

We use storytelling to inspire sharing & authentic dialogue, dissolving the stigma & shame enabling rape culture.

Access to information we need to make choices about our bodies & futures is a human right #millennialsexeducation

When anyone’s story is erased, when ways of being are lost, we end entire worlds #nastassjalea #cultivateconsent

The stories erased from society are the missing link to understanding our collective challenges. #timetospringup

Practicing consent is choosing to see humanity in others, especially when challenged #cultivateconsent

A culture of consent is one of unconditional love, empathy, and listening to each other’s stories #cultivateconsent

Bagnos of Marina di Pietrasanta

The Tuscans have the faculty of making much of common things and converting small occasions into great pleasures.

-Henry James-

With this post, we invite you along with us to explore the idyllic Tuscan seaside area of Marina di Pietrasanta. Here, there are summer months of long days spent bronzing in the golden sun, playing in the soft sand, and cooling off in the salty Mediterranean. Life has a slower pace, a savory taste of fresh food and freedom from all external constraint.


Back to Europe

Knowmad (n): a nomadic knowledge and innovation worker; a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can ‘work’/[create] with almost anybody, anytime, anywhere. (john moravec: knowmad society. 2013)


We ( Nastassja Schmiedt & Lea Roth ) are knowmads who work locally & globally online through our social enterprise We’d been based in Miami for a while, and just published our first book ( Millennial Sex ) in August, so when we were invited to travel with Nastassja’s dad to Tuscany to spend September with their family there, we were super excited! With this post, we invite you to come along with us…