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 We do all things through community. In addition to having a beautiful community in South Florida, we are in digital community with folks who share our values and want to join us in building a culture of consent and liberty for all!

Our Patreon

If you want a more intimate experience and relationship with our team over the next few weeks, months, and years as you explore the tools in our zines and books, we invite you to join the Spring Up family on Patreon! You’ll get exclusive access to a growing community equipped with information, tools, and resources to explore gender, sexuality, consent, power, trauma-informed responses to harm, healing practices, and community accountability. You’ll have continued support in translating what you’ve learnt to practice in your lived relationships and communities with an online family able to answer questions and challenges that emerge as you deepen your understanding of consent and healthy relationships. For a small monthly donation to support our work and sustain our organization, you’ll get access to:

  1. Monthly conversations on topics the Patreon community requests with opportunities for Q & A with our team.

  2. Interviews with community members & our consent fellows exploring how consent relates to other social, economic, and racial justice issues.

  3. Exclusive offers and discounts on our seasonal zines, books, and soon to be released merch!

  4. Centralized database of tools exploring consent, gender, sexuality, etc.

We hope to hold space for us to connect and build community across identity, borders, time, and space, as we have intentional conversations and dialogues about a world embodiment of healthy, liberating relationships.

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In Our Future: Spring Up School

Spring Up School is a versatile digital learning community for the new millennium.

Attendees at South Florida Transformative Justice Summit - a liberatory education space facilitated Mariame Kaba hosted by Dream Defenders, and coordinated by Stas & Lea, co-founders & co-directors of Spring Up.

Attendees at South Florida Transformative Justice Summit - a liberatory education space facilitated Mariame Kaba hosted by Dream Defenders, and coordinated by Stas & Lea, co-founders & co-directors of Spring Up.

We are imagining and building an online learning platform that cultivates real, deep connections and community around shared interests and values.

Our goal is to bring together thought leaders, changemakers, and lifelong learners to catalyze a shift towards a more imaginative and empathetic society.

We believe in the power of the liberatory arts (humanities, arts, social sciences) and use storytelling and dialogue to facilitate personal and collective transformation.

We view education as a mutual process- everyone has wisdom to share and something to learn. We honor this through the methodologies we use to design, develop, evaluate, and adapt.

We use human centered design to generate our courses, adrienne maree brown's theory of emergent strategy to respond organically to the needs of our learning community, and participatory action research to lift up the wisdom of all participants in evaluating and innovating for the future.

How Our Consent Fellowship Inspired Us

Some of our 2019 consent fellowship participants at orientation.

Some of our 2019 consent fellowship participants at orientation.

To prepare for the launch of our online Spring Up School this summer, we broke ground at the beginning of the year with South Florida’s inaugural Consent Fellowship Program. Over the last 2 years, we’ve been rooted in community with social justice movement organizations here in Miami and have built deep friendships and relationships with many local community members visioning, creating, and building a new South Florida.

However, as we’ve provided trainings, workshops, and mentoring to many young organizers in the community, we came to the realization that many lack adequate resources and support to address and intervene in instances of harm and violence, especially sexual assault and harrassment.

To tackle the problem in hopes of creating a more resilient community, we decided to embark on a community education journey and brought together 20 local community members active in social justice spaces, who were mostly of color, femme, and queer identifying young adults, to collectively vision and engage in generative dialogue about how we reduce, respond to, and prevent gender based violence in South Florida. The program lasted for 4 months and equipped fellows with information, tools, and resources on how to negotiate consent, identify coercion, unpack power dynamics in relationships, and practice healthy communication. The program was divided into 2 parts.

The first portion of the program was from the end of January to early March and required fellows to attend a program orientation, where they were introduced to the topic and given tangible tools to practice self-care and healthy communication. They then participated in weekly online meetings, where they were given a selection of readings exploring theoretical frameworks unpacking the relationship between interpersonal violence and state violence. We explored the root causes of violence in our communities and envisioned solutions that facilitate healing and community accountability without punitive measures and state intervention, that often further harm marginalized peoples in our communities. We learned about violation of consent and sexual harm as not only an interpersonal issue between survivor/perpetuator, but as a systemic and institutionalized pillar of state control and oppression seen in the widespread societal violence experienced by black, brown, and indigenous peoples.

The second portion of the program lasts from March to May and entails fellows utilizing the skills and knowledge they’ve developed to host community conversations to share with their local organizations tangible tools and structures they may implement to foster a liberating culture and environment rooted in consent.Throughout April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, fellows facilitated workshops and trainings to engage the broader community at events like the Miami Zine fair and Perez Art Museum’s (PAMM) Pride Night.

How does this relate to the online school?

Our online school will build on the many lessons and key takeaways we took from the program. Many of our fellows voiced leaving our program with an empowered sense of self and feel increased ability to communicate their needs, boundaries, and desires in their relationships and movement communities. Many feel more equipped and supported in holding those perpetuating harm in the community accountable to change and transformation.

As a student in our online school you’ll get exclusive access to much of the content and educational materials our fellows engaged over the course of the program. As we develop curriculum and class structure for the summer school, our fellows will be a crucial part of the process in translating the transformative experience they had into an engaging, dynamic online class applicable to a wider audience from communities across the country and world. We believe all people deserve the tools and resources they need to identify harm and envision solutions embodiment of agency and autonomy in community. We look forward to you joining us on the journey this summer to build a world rooted in healthy, liberating relationships. Together, we’ll learn how to openly communicate with one another in ways that feel safe, empowering, and whole.