Millennial Sex Education

We just finished our first book, I've Never Done This Before, which is the first installment in the MILLENNIAL SEX and MILLENNIAL SEX EDUCATION trilogy. Each volume contains short stories that explore issues of consent, desire, and millennial sexuality. Each volume is available in a MILLENNIAL SEX EDUCATION format appropriate for ages 16+ intended as an educational resource for individuals, partners, families and communities, as well as an uncut erotic MILLENNIAL SEX edition appropriate for ages 18+.

MILLENNIAL SEX EDUCATION is a vivid, gripping exploration of sexuality today. At times heartbreaking, at times cynical, at times enchantingly hopeful, this series takes us into the minds and experiences of thirteen very different narrators as they each develop from a state of sexual dissatisfaction or naïveté to sexual maturity through several key sexual experiences. The varied and unique intimate moments they each create for themselves allow each character to discover a partner who in turn helps them understand their own desires and sense of self. We meet and experience "millennial sex" through these narrators, who are as varied in their identities and sexual interests as in their perceptions of the world they live in, and we discover more and more about each character as the series unfolds, both through their own perceptions, and through the eyes of their partner. 

In the first volume in the trilogy, I've Never Done This Before, we try something new with each of our first five narrators- whether it’s losing their virginity, trying something taboo, or engaging in digital cruising- each of these new experiences changes each person’s perceptions of their self and their sexuality. In the second volume, We've Never Done This Before, we enter the perspectives of the partners of some of the first characters, and meet two new couples, to explore the dynamics of different types of intimate relationships, and how trying something new brings out and transforms these dynamics. The third volume in the trilogy, Let's Take a Trip, is about pushing out of your comfort zone and having a transformative experience with a partner in ways that are not necessarily sexual, but which affect one’s life forever. 

Too often the moments that shape who we are exist in the unspoken shadows, in the quiet space of our inner being, unnoticed and unresolved. These are the moments we explore through the perspectives of our narrators, through their hopes and fantasies, traumas and desires; through things they've never done before. Experience the erotic and intimate moments of a generation with MILLENNIAL SEX EDUCATION. 

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