We offer single workshops, three part series, full day and two day retreat programming.

We work with each client to customize our offerings to meet their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us below if you think we would be a good fit for your community. We would be happy to chat about your needs and send you a proposal.

Consent, Gender, & Sexuality education

We are a supplemental sex education program designed as a crisis intervention around sexual and gender based violence. Sex education should prepare people to make informed decisions about their bodies and futures, and learn the skills to protect themselves while respecting the rights of others. We offer tailored age-appropriate and culturally relevant programming to groups of youth age 14-25 in educational, extracurricular, and community or faith-based settings. We facilitate dialogue with youth around curated excerpts of fiction which explore key themes and challenges facing youth today. Our goal is reduced youth trauma, suicidality, and sexual/gender based violence. 92% of youth participants preferred our program to other sex ed they’d received, and 100% would recommend it to a friend.

This is how youth participants describe Millennial Sex Education in their own words:

Our current offerings:


Millennial Sex (Education): The Book

Sex and sexuality are embodiments of how we relate to each other. We believe that we must start with healthy communication and intimacy if we are going to be able to live, work, and organize together.

Our first publication, Millennial Sex (Education) is a collection of fictional novellas and short stories. We have published the first volume in the series, I've Never Done This Before, and are currently writing the second and third. This series takes us into the minds and experiences of thirteen very different narrators as they each develop from a state of sexual dissatisfaction or naïveté to sexual maturity through several key sexual experiences. The unique intimate moments they each create for themselves allow each character to discover a partner who in turn helps them understand their own desires and sense of self. We meet and experience Millennial Sex through these narrators, and we discover more about each character as the series unfolds, both through their own perceptions, and through the eyes of their partner. 

Each volume is available in two editions - the white cover and the black cover.

Millennial Sex Education - the white cover, is the basis for our sex education curriculum and is appropriate for ages 16+. Sex education should prepare young people to make informed decisions about their bodies & futures, and learn the skills to protect themselves while respecting the rights of others. This edition includes discussion and reflection questions mixed in to each story to begin these much needed conversations about gender, sexuality, communication, and violence. To go further, we offer facilitated sex education workshops where we use storytelling to inspire personal sharing & authentic dialogue, dissolving the stigma and shame that enable sexual violence.

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Access to information that we need to make informed choices about our bodies and futures is a fundamental human right, so Millennial Sex Education is available for free download if you fill out the form below.



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Millennial Sex - the black cover, is an adult book about exploring sexuality. Too often the moments that shape who we are exist in the unspoken shadows, in the quiet space of our inner being, unnoticed and unresolved. These are the moments we explore through the perspectives of our narrators, through their hopes & fantasies, traumas & desires; things they've never done before. 

We choose to be open, realistic, and unflinching in depicting the lived experience of millennial sexuality. This book is meant to inspire critical thinking about our own sexuality and preconceptions we may hold about others.


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Next Steps


We want to adapt our Millennial Sex Education book & educational curriculum into a reader for sex educators, teachers, and caregivers to use as a resource to facilitate transformative dialogues with youth. 


We are writing the sequel to Millennial Sex (Education) in which we meet two new couples and learn what has been going on in the lives of the characters of Millennial Sex I, but this time through the eyes of their partner.