cover art thanks to Nicola Schmiedt

cover art thanks to Nicola Schmiedt

We're beginning production on the PHOENIX MOMENT Podcast, which will involve:

1) Co-Founders Nastassja Schmiedt & Lea Roth
2) Talking about things they care about
3) With people who inspire them

The podcast will cover themes of politics, culture, education, media, social enterprise, entrepreneurship, fashion, design, spirituality, consciousness, healing and holistic wellness, ethics, and travel. Some of the segments will be: What's Going On, Back to Europe, Talking to People, Doing Things, Flow, Media Review, and a Creative segment that will incorporate various pieces of fiction we're working on, micro teach-ins about topics we care about, and occasionally, comedy and improv. 

Support the project, learn more, and get sneak previews at the Phoenix Moment Patreon

Check out our trailer below: