Resilience & Revitalization

You may have heard the phrase, “Hurt people hurt people.” In our experience, that certainly rings true for activists and survivors of all forms of trauma-- but how can we transform our wounds into the wisdom necessary to heal ourselves and our communities? We are a traveling meet-up community using mindfulness, meditation, and movement to heal & care for ourselves and one another. 

Trauma-- including everyday microtraumas-- leave seemingly indelible imprints in our bodies, minds, and hearts, guiding and shaping how we move in the world, how we interact with others, and even how we relate to ourselves. Although society teaches us to distance ourselves from emotions and experiences that make us feel vulnerable, pushing these powerful learning moments away from our consciousness means that they guide the decisions we make without us even realizing it. True healing is not based in shame, but in love, creativity, honesty, and respect.

Much of our insight into trauma healing comes from guiding our own healing journeys after realizing the limitations of the diagnosis-based approach to mental and emotional health. We’ve worked with survivors of sexual assault and hate crimes all over the United States, and conducted a healing and life coaching practice in Miami, Florida. We’ve also facilitated group sessions of trauma healing using several techniques that we’ve found to be particularly helpful.

Within our healing workshops, we share trauma healing techniques to take into one’s own personal practice, including Emotional Freedom Technique and Trauma Release Exercises. We explain the neuroscience and psychology of trauma, as well as how trauma affects our physiology and guides our decision making. We also offer tailored affirmations and meditative practices.

We are also developing a regular submission based zine sharing healing techniques, herbal remedies, artwork and writing for and by the community.

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