education for liberation


Spring Up School is a versatile learning community for the new millennium.

Our goal is to bring together thought leaders, changemakers, and lifelong learners to catalyze a shift towards a more imaginative and empathetic society.

We believe in the power of the liberatory arts (humanities, arts, social sciences) and use storytelling and dialogue to facilitate personal and collective transformation.

We view education as a mutual process- everyone has wisdom to share and something to learn. We honor this through the methodologies we use to design, develop, evaluate, and adapt.

We use human centered design to generate our courses, adrienne maree brown's theory of emergent strategy to respond organically to the needs of our learning community, and participatory action research to lift up the wisdom of all participants in evaluating and innovating for the future. 

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“If we can't articulate more viable futures, and adapt, our human future is pretty hopeless” - adrienne maree brown

All organizing and activism is speculative fiction, maneuvering away from an untenable present into a tentative future we believe is possible. Today’s activists must do the risky and rewarding work of imagining and creating pathways to futures we actually want to live in. We must be bold and experimental, but also mindful and self-reflective of our privilege and blindspots as we attempt to reclaim, reimagine, and heal our cultures. In this course we will explore digital ecosystems, grassroots collaborations; experiments in self-expression, storytelling, and democracy through dialogue with 15+ visionary artivists, scholars, and future-builders. Join our exclusive digital interview series with diverse changemakers organizing effectively in the 21st century to learn from the cutting edge of mindful social change how we can intentionally upgrade our democracy and build a society we are happy to live in and proud to pass down to future generations.


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This course is a toolkit for people who work with and care for youth (i.e. educators, youth support and sexual violence prevention professionals, parents, and comprehensive sex educators) to build competency in consent, gender, and sexuality. Through lectures, 10+ expert interviews and fictional scenario modeling you will receive cutting edge information and tangible advice to better support the youth in your life in navigating digital sexual culture, sexual violence, gender identity and expression, and developing a healthy and positive relationship to sexuality.

“Freedom must be pursued constantly and responsibly. Freedom is not an ideal located outside of [us]; nor is it an idea which becomes myth. It is rather the indispensable condition for the quest for human completion”.
— Paolo Freire