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MILLENNIAL SEX is a vivid, gripping exploration of sexuality today. At times heartbreaking, at times cynical, at times enchantingly hopeful, and always gloriously erotic, this series takes us into the minds and experiences of thirteen very different narrators as they each develop from a state of sexual dissatisfaction or naïveté to sexual maturity through several key sexual experiences. The varied and unique intimate moments they each create for themselves allow each character to discover a partner who in turn helps them understand their own desires and sense of self. We meet and experience MILLENNIAL SEX through these narrators, who are as varied in their identities and sexual interests as in their perceptions of the world they live in, and we discover more and more about each character as the series unfolds, both through their own perceptions, and through the eyes of their partner. 

MILLENNIAL SEX: I've Never Done This Before includes five erotic portraits of our first narrators, as well as a preview into MS Volume 2: We’ve Never Done This Before told from the perspective of Quinn, the partner of our first character, Erin. This volume explores key themes of Consent, Trust, Fetishization, Trauma, Intimacy, and Respect.

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MILLENNIAL SEX V1: I've Never Done This Before

In the first short story of this collection, we meet Erin, a young woman with a sharp sense of humor from the heartland who has just broken up with her high school sweetheart and is ready to taste what college has to offer during her visit to campus. At a Welcome Prospective Students Weekend, she meets Quinn, a young man from a sex-positive west coast background who eroticizes the hegemonic sexual dynamics of domination and submission he sees in internet pornography, yet respects the women in his life. Erin and Quinn consummate a matter-of-fact attraction with surprising maturity and open communication about safe words and the nature of consent. 

Next, we follow J, a college sophomore and masculine black lesbian as she pursues Cata, a gorgeous freshman who is her lab partner (and the girl of her dreams). Little does she realize that she happens to be what Cata is looking for as well, and a sensual and deeply intimate first sexual experience celebrating the awakening of female sexuality unfolds between them. This piece explores thematic issues of sexual violence and campus culture through the perspectives of two young queer women of color. 

The next story is about Brett, a professional gay man who turns to soliciting casual sex on a hookup app for the first time to regain his sense of personal power after the abrupt conclusion of a long relationship with a powerful closeted politician. He meets Tom, a mature Silicon Valley techno-futurist executive who challenges his understanding of power, sex, and even death as the two enact a problematized, self-aware sexual scene of racialized fetishization and domination. 

Our fourth story is told by Jaime, a perfectionist high school senior and virgin seeking to escape the constraints of her judgmental parents through an ongoing hook up buddy relationship with stoner and underachiever Ian. Jaime is cynical about intimacy, and, having been raised in a sex-negative culture, lacks the scripts to communicate clearly about her own desire. Through an escalation of sexual projection, objectification, and a lack of fluency with consent and sexual communication, Ian rapes Jaime, sexually traumatizing her and leaving her with even more questions about her own sexuality, desire, and evolutionary adaptations for survival. This piece is graphic and disturbing, and we choose to include it as part of this project as an unflinching commentary on the pervasive sexual violence experienced by far too many.

The final short in I've Never Done this Before is narrated by Michael, a Taiwanese American grad student at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest. Michael has secured his intellectual hero, renowned philosopher and ethicist Dr. Miriam Lenard, as the faculty advisor to his doctoral research, and the charmingly intimate intellectual relationship between the two develops in ways that cause both of them to rethink their understandings of desire, sex, and betrayal. Through Michael’s eyes, we attend a groundbreaking daylong seminar about the critically important and currently relevant issue of sexual violence in our culture and in our schools. The seminar is narrated as though the reader were there alongside Michael, watching and analyzing three films: Sexy Baby, Hot Girls Wanted, and The Hunting Ground, then exploring conflicting and complementary contemporary theoretical positions about masculinity, femininity, transness and the changing nature of gender, power, consent, culture, and control through a panel discussion between Charlie West, a Native American student activist and domestic violence survivor; Marsha Grossman, a feminist Title IX lawyer; Professor Adelaide Nkrumah, a critical race studies scholar; Lolo Larson, a former sex worker who operates a rehabilitative clinic for traumatized youth; and, finally, Michael’s mentor and idol, Professor Miriam Lenard. The five engage in a comprehensive- and at times contentious- debate, addressing many key tensions over gender, sexuality, consent, and the law that are critical for those engaged in dialogue about campus sexual culture today to incorporate into their understanding of this issue. 

MILLENNIAL SEX V2: We've Never Done This Before

MILLENNIAL SEX 2 goes deeper into the themes of intimacy and communication through longer erotic portraits of five more narrators. This volume explores key themes of Honesty, Vulnerability, Balance, Compromise, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. 

The first story is told by Cata, now a college sophomore celebrating her one year anniversary with J. As Cata navigates challenges of visibility and recognition as a femme lesbian on campus and with her Colombian family back in Miami, she reflects on what it really means to lose her virginity to her first and only sexual partner, J. Cata, J, and their friends process how issues of race and gender diversity affect the supposed solidarity of LGBTQ* campus communities.

Darius Pietrasanta is a Black-Italian college rugby player and dee-jay who has grown disillusioned with the hook-up scene and is looking for real intimacy in his first college relationship. A heartwarming (and romantic?) friendship develops between Darius and his freshman floormate Jaime, who is trying to put a high school experience of sexual trauma behind her. Together, the two explore what it means to be intimate, and what it means to heal. 

Dr. Miriam Lenard, now separated from her spouse of twenty years and in a controversial relationship with grad student Michael, is finally allowing herself to really step outside the bounds of what is expected from her by society and by the academy. In this story, Miriam begins to push at the the very bounds of reality with Michael through their explorations of tantric sex, spirituality, philosophy and magic. 

Gabi Rosado is an outspoken Nuyorican poet (and sometimes TSA agent) who is ready to settle down and start a family with her longtime girlfriend Rachel Bernstein, a bisexual Brown alumna from Greenwich, CT struggling to turn her degree in comp lit into a successful writing career while grappling with the expectations of her tolerant-but-judgmental parents. Raised in a quirky intentional community of hippies and artists in Queens by her single mother, Gabi knows that Rachel is the woman she wants to spend her life with- but although she loves Gabi, Rachel isn’t sure if she is ready to spend the rest of her life with a woman! Maybe she needs an open relationship. Maybe they need to bring someone else into their relationship. Or maybe she just needs to have a sexual experience with a man who isn't Daniel, her abusive high school and college boyfriend, before being ready to commit. Through this poetic and tragicomic story, we explore along with Gabi and Rachel what it will take to make their relationship work. 

Kendra, the introverted and tech-savvy daughter of Nigerian immigrants to Minneapolis, is a popular digital artist who makes Afro-centric fan art of the manga she loves. Her confident persona online doesn’t necessarily translate to the rest of her life, where she’s trying to balance the pressures of her dependent (and decidedly unbalaced) mother with the worries and anxieties of her lifelong geek friends Raj and Akbar. On top of all that, she’s about to have “real” cyber sex for the first time with Lin, her Taiwanese online boyfriend (and superstar jock of the online gaming world). She and Lin have been kind of a thing for nearly a decade, but their growing intimacy leads Lin to disclose something that he probably should have told her years ago. How will Lin’s disclosure affect their digital intimacy and their real-life relationship? 

MILLENNIAL SEX 3: Let's Take a Trip

MILLENNIAL SEX 3 explores key themes of Risk, Transformation, Evolution, Growth, Healing, and Responsibility from the perspectives of Lin, Rachel, Erin, J, Jaime, and Ian.