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Do you know what you need support in as a community? Have you been working on addressing conflict, or practicing community accountability, and have specific burning questions you are looking for support in answering? A Question and Answer session with Spring Up collective members is the most customizable product we offer.


You can choose to use the time to focus on topics related to equity, accountability, consent and decision making, liberatory education, facilitation, transformative justice, youth leadership, or harm systems design. When you book a Q+A with our team, we will ask you to share a bit about the themes you are hoping to discuss; we will also ask you to submit your questions for our team to review and prepare by 1 week before the event. There will be time to ask emergent questions live in the space, but knowing many of the questions in advance supports us in pulling together themes and deciding the ark of the conversation to make sure we have enough time to address as much as possible in the 60 to 90 minute session. This could be a large panel for your community, or an intimate conversation with your leadership and the group that will be implementing these ideas. 


Upon purchase, a member of the Spring Up team will contact you in the next 7-10 days to finalize scheduling and talk about potential add-ons.


Please note that the date for your event must be at least 3 weeks from booking (unless the timeline has already been discussed and approved by a Spring Up team member in writing prior to purchase).


Our current 2023 booking availability:

Spring: February 11 - April 1 → 7 weeks

Summer: June 5 - July 13 → 6 weeks

Fall: September 25 - November 2 → 6 weeks


We look forward to seeing you!


*Please only choose the reduced rate for groups of less than 25, held by informal and grassroots collectives and student groups*

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