Consent Workbook Zine


Order a pack of zines for you and your friends, colleagues, or students. We choose to sell in sets of five because we want communities to skill up together. If you just want one copy, we will send you one if you subscribe as a $5 or higher patron at


The zine is complete with key learnings/tools we determined over a period of time as most transformational for our participants in our trainings, workshops, and fellowships, including our consent toolkit with information to analyze power dynamics and coercion, practice open and ongoing communication, and utilize trauma-informed survivor response strategies in our relationships. Included in different sections of the zine are tools to:


  • Identify your internal boundaries, desires, and needs with boundary mapping and vent diagrams.

  • Lay out and identify your support systems to enhance self and community resiliency.

  • Identify and honor your self-care and healing practices.

  • Identify and practice non verbal forms of communication, as well as understand important signs of dissociation.

  • Practice different ways of asking and answering questions, especially as it relates to our varied communication styles.

  • Address harm and violence through a harm reduction framework.   

  • Explore how you relate to gender based violence with historical context and background.

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