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At Spring Up we are a collective of care workers, transformative justice practitioners, liberatory educators, and coaches practicing and teaching the liberatory arts at bluelight academy. We cultivate a culture of consent and liberty for all through storytelling and popular education.

All our efforts are organized around our foundational values that connect with the four elements of nature: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Our work begins with imagination of what could be--ideas that float around us in the air we breathe. Water, as a life-giving force, supports us as we create the reality we wish to inhabit. From fire comes our creations--our tools and models rooted in the possibility of what we imagine. Then, we build (like the earth) upon what we imagine to create communities and organizations to implement transformation and accountability in our collective spaces.

We offer a variety of experiences for people, communities and organizations that align with our values and want to practice transformation and accountability in their lives. We offer four core curricula aligned to meet your group's needs: Equity & Accountability for those aiming to increase accountability within their organization, Liberatory Education for educators and facilitators looking to practice liberatory and participatory learning, Consent Gender Power for those looking to cultivate consent in their lives, and Transformative Justice for those seeking to practice a radically different version of justice. Whether you are a massive member based organization, a learning community, a small co-housing group, or something else, we offer stand-alone resources, webinars, coaching and facilitated experiences that can meet a variety of specific needs


Do you need support in making your organization or community group more participatory, accessible, consensual, accountable, or inclusive? Fill out the form below and we'll let you know how we could support you. 

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