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  • "Earth" Grounding Body Butter
  • "Earth" Grounding Body Butter
  • "Earth" Grounding Body Butter

"Earth" Grounding Body Butter


Whipped body butter scented with frankincense, sandalwood, ylang ylang and geranium for grounding. Created by the Herbal Alchemist in collaboration with Spring Up as part of the Spring/Summer '23 market capsule collection. This handmade product comes with the intention to be used within your self-care practice to ground yourself in the present moment and reconnect with your senses. Each jar comes with a set of affirmations that aligns with the practice of intentional, loving, self-care. Inspired by our pillar "Build" this body butter is associated with the element of earth.


*Limited quantity available*


Ingredients: *cocoa butter, shea butter, *coconut oil, *avocado oil, *apricot kernel oil, *vitamin E, *arrowroot powder, wheatgerm oil, essential oils. 

*organic ingredient


Size: 8oz.


About the creator: Created by Sade Adeyemi of the Herbal Alchemist. The Herbal Alchemist is a natural skincare company that is working to break down the barriers of accessibility in the beauty industry by creating affordable, intentionally crafted plant-powered products. Self-care is often seen as selfish. For many people, it's just not a priority to indulge in a loving skincare routine, whether because of lack of time, money, experience, or the accessibility of products that are crafted with real ingredients. The Herbal Alchemist is empowering communities to say "yes" to themselves, by making the luxurious experience of self-care both affordable and accessible. Their mission is to transform the way people connect with nature and their Selves through intentional, loving self care by bridging the gap to clean, plant-based skincare. 

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