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  • Organizational Accountability Wheel
  • Organizational Accountability Wheel

Organizational Accountability Wheel


Organizational accountability is about translating values into practice, practicing generative conflict, preventing and responding to harm without centering liability or the state, and responding to patterns of harm and conflict through emergent and adaptive organizational strategy. Spring Up’s frameworks of accountability and the Organizational Accountability Wheel are informed by grassroots transformative justice and community accountability practice, and draw on the wisdom of the Indigenous Medicine Wheel, as expressed by the People of Standing Rock / Lakota. 


This Organizational Equity & Accountability Webinar revolves around the central question, “What does it mean to practice equity and accountability as an individual, a leader, and--especially--within an organization?”  The webinar reframes traditional diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) frameworks and practices, standard professional best practices, and accountability in an institutional setting to create a shared understanding of Organizational Accountability. 


Feedback from participant: 


“Logistics and setting up of space felt grounding and welcoming of full self. Many concepts presented were deeply resonant and also felt huge. I appreciate the vulnerability in what was shared, as well as sharing examples of how you practice these concepts within your work. Thank you for sharing that a lot of work went into creating these resources.”


This webinar is brief, between 60 and 90 minutes, designed for leaders who want to interrogate their organization’s accountability practices and identify how they can increase equity across their teams, and to be an easily digestible introduction to some of these ideas, with the ability to be adapted to fit the audience background and goal outcomes. Whether you are a school or university, a grassroots formation or non-profit, a private firm, or a professional association, there is a foundation for how you can start to approach accountability. 


Upon purchase, a member of the Spring Up team will contact you in the next 7-10 days to finalize scheduling and talk about potential add-ons.


Please note that the date for your event must be at least 3 weeks from booking (unless the timeline has already been discussed and approved by a Spring Up team member in writing prior to purchase).


Our current 2023 booking availability:

Spring: February 11 - April 1 → 7 weeks

Summer: June 5 - July 13 → 6 weeks

Fall: September 25 - November 2 → 6 weeks


We look forward to seeing you!


*Please only choose the reduced rate for groups of less than 25, held by informal and grassroots collectives and student groups*

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