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Brittany (they/britt)

Book a 1:1 coaching session with me

1:1 coaching with me is a deep dive on how you can integrate transformative justice practices in your daily life or in your organization, how to strengthen capacity for change and conflict, navigating accountability and more. My background is decolonial facilitation and healing justice. We will look at tools for long-term embodied work and for navigating conflict, creating roadmaps of how to realistically integrate change

bluelight 6-week virtual courses

This summer, join me in 6-week virtual course on Transformative Justice hosted by bluelight academy in June & July.

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bluelight daylong virtual retreats

Join me at the daylong virtual Harm Systems Design retreat on Friday, July 7th, 2023 hosted by bluelight academy.

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Join Spring Up's Patreon community to get access to coaching, merch perks, & read my post "Journal Prompts to Explore Boundary Work".

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