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  • "Create" Elemental Curated Bundle

"Create" Elemental Curated Bundle


"We create tools and models of possibility rooted in what we imagine."


Inspired by our pillar "Create" associated with the element of fire, this bundle is perfect for the Fire signs in your life! 


A $61 value for only $55


This bundle comes with:

  • "Create" Botanical Perfume ($25)
    • Create is a scent that is reminiscent of a wood burning stove on a cold winter night that fuels your creativity and connection to earth. Each bottle is grounded in the use of a homemade blue spruce olive oil base. This botanical perfume has been created by Kai Werder in collaboration with Spring Up as part of the Spring/Summer '23 market capsule collection. Inspired by our pillar "Create" it is associated with the element of fire. 

      Ingredients: black spruce, cedar, violet leaf, sandalwood, tobacco, black pepper, and black copal

      About the creator: Kai Werder is an educator, care laborer, and restorative justice practitioner who believes in the power of relationship building to move towards a liberatory future. They aim to curate healing spaces that invite curiosity, connection, and transformation. Kai learned the practice of using scents for storytelling from their dear friend Rachel Neirene and have deepened their relationship to plant friends through the art of botanical perfuming.

  • Holographic Mushroom sticker ($6)
    • Die-cut holographic sticker of a vibrant mushroom cluster illustrated by Zoë Rayor. 
  • Labradorite bracelet ($15)
    • This hand strung bracelet is made with labradorite beads– known as a spiritual enhancement stone + new beginnings. Setting forth the intention to connect not only to our spiritual selves but also to our ancestors, our beginnings. This crystal bracelet has been created by mxlwdesigns in collaboration with Spring Up as part of the Spring/Summer '23 market capsule collection. Inspired by our pillar "Create" this bracelet is associated with the element of fire.

      Size: 6.5in, with 4mm beads strung on elastic beads

      About the creator: Sylvia is a queer Latinx creative who is passionate about expressing herself artistically through wire wrapping and hand-shaping crystals with intention and love. During a deep transitional period in Sylvia’s life, she discovered a calling working with the healing power of crystals. This lead her to starting her creative practice with mxlwdesigns while also launching her holistic wellness company mx. lifestyle & wellness. When crafting and planning each design Sylvia centers herself to make sure each crystal is filled with clear energy. She often works in collaboration with sabinethegem to infuse her crystals with reiki.

  • Resilience & Revitalization Zine ($10)
    • Resilience + Revitalization is an invitation to deepen our relationships with what it can mean to be accountable to our needs, desires, and healing. What and who do we draw upon for strength? How do we grow toward resiliency in a culture that forces many of us to choose constantly between immediate and long-term survival and safety? What can it mean to explore accountable, loving, and sustainable relationships to self and others? This zine explores what it can mean to engage our relationships with our bodies, minds, and spirits in ways that honor the vulnerability required to show up for ourselves and our communities. Featuring new works by over 15 contributors who are young, queer, trans, of color, disabled, incarcerated, and more, R+R offers us all the opportunity to connect with what is necessary to forge the futures we want to live in.

  • Dragon postcard from the Resilience & Revitalization project ($5)
    • The dragon guide holds the power to create. (Illustration by Zoë Rayor)


*Limited quantity available*

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