Everyday Consent


Consent is a practice that can inform how we build, nurture, and repair our relationships. At Spring Up, we believe that consent can support our everyday interactions to foster intentional connections. Consent is a key component in moving towards collective liberation as it allows us to identify our boundaries, meet our needs, and honor our care practices. But what does it look like to actually practice consent on a daily basis? In this webinar we provide you with tangible tools that can support your everyday consensual practices. Together we will engage in different ways of asking and answering questions, especially as it relates to our varied communication styles (including non verbal forms of communication). 


We aim to support you in exploring your personal style of consensual communication in this Everyday Consent webinar, now available to book on our website. We believe that liberatory consent goes beyond getting permission and want to support you in learning how to do that. 


This webinar is brief, between 60 and 90 minutes, designed to be an easily digestible introduction to some of these ideas, with the ability to be adapted to fit the audience background and goal outcomes. Whether you are a community organizing collective, a school or university, a student group, an intentional living community, a cooperative, a professional association - or any group hoping to learn more about consent practices.


Upon purchase, a member of the Spring Up team will reach out to schedule a meeting to discuss scheduling and goal outcomes.


Please note that the date for your event must be at least 3 weeks from booking and that the following blackout dates are unavailable: 

  • April 15 - June 1st

  • All of August

  • November 19 - December 4

  • December 17 - January 15


We look forward to seeing you!


*Please only choose the reduced rate for groups of less than 25, held by informal and grassroots collectives and student groups*