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  • Harm Systems Design (<10 People)
  • Harm Systems Design (<10 People)

Harm Systems Design (<10 People)


Harm is pervasive in communities and institutions, how an organization responds to the harm is its accountability in action. The six-hour Harm Systems Design retreat is great for organizational leaders, people from Human Resources or community accountability teams or entrepreneurs thinking about how to create systems in their endeavors. This retreat requires a minimum of two people from an organization to participate to share the learning. Through an examination of Organizational Accountability, what harm looks like in the participants’ context, and consideration of the legal liability requirements of organizations, participants will leave with examples and inspirations of how they can respond to harm given their unique context.


Date availability for booking (25 weeks per year)–

  • 2022

    • Spring: February 15 - April 15 (Must book by March 22 to be included in this window) → 9 weeks

    • Summer: June 6 - July 22 → 7 weeks

    • Fall: September 12 - November 11 → 9 weeks

  • 2023

    • Spring: February 15 - April 15 → 9 weeks

    • Summer: June 5 - July 21 → 7 weeks

    • Fall: September 12 - November 12 → 9 weeks


Each retreat includes optional coaching to support in personalizing the collective’s learnings: 1 session for $100 more or 3 sessions for $250 more. Add coaching to your cart to include it in your private retreat booking.


A guide to our sliding scale pricing–

If you are a resourced formal institution, like a school, foundation, business, or nonprofit with a budget of over $1M, we ask that you pay at the top of our sliding scale options. This helps to subsidize our ability to provide at cost services to informal community based organizations and student groups with small budgets, who we invite to pay at the lower end of our sliding scale. Somewhere in the middle lie small and medium nonprofits, conferences and events, advocacy groups, etc, where we will follow your lead on the budget you have available for professional development, continuing education, and/or community engagement.

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