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  • Spring Up Zine Bundle
  • Spring Up Zine Bundle
  • Spring Up Zine Bundle
  • Spring Up Zine Bundle
  • Spring Up Zine Bundle

Spring Up Zine Bundle


Order a pack of zines for you and your friends, colleagues, or students. We choose to sell in sets of five because we want communities to skill up together.



This zine bundle includes a copy of our Transformative Justice Workbook, Cultivate Consent Workbook, Liberatory Education Workbook, and Resilience + Revitalization Zine!


Learn more about each zine:



Transformative Justice Workbook– This workbook is a collection of frameworks and resources Spring Up has developed over the past decade to understand and intervene in systemic, institutional, inter group, interpersonal, and internal harm and violence. We have especially focused on gender based violence (sexual harm, intimate partner violence, relationship abuse, homophobia and transphobia) and how GBV intersects with and is compounded by other systems of violence. This work has taken place in academic and political institutions, community based and nonprofit organizations, informal family and friend group settings, and through much personal reflection and dialogue. We have workshopped and developed these tools through dozens of trainings for youth organizers, social workers, restorative and transformative justice practitioners, sexual violence and reproductive justice advocates, family and friends. We have also implemented all of these tools in facilitating transformative justice and community accountability processes. Together, they can support you in understanding the dynamics and manifestations of violence and harm, how power and privilege operate, and the steps and composition of accountability processes around a variety of types of harm.


Cultivate Consent Workbook– This workbook is complete with key learnings/tools we determined over a period of time as most transformational for our participants in our trainings, workshops, and fellowships, including our consent toolkit with information to analyze power dynamics and coercion, practice open and ongoing communication, and utilize trauma-informed survivor response strategies in our relationships. Included in different sections of the zine are tools to: Identify your internal boundaries, desires, and needs with boundary mapping and vent diagrams. Lay out and identify your support systems to enhance self and community resiliency. Identify and honor your self-care and healing practices. Identify and practice non verbal forms of communication, as well as understand important signs of dissociation. Practice different ways of asking and answering questions, especially as it relates to our varied communication styles. Address harm and violence through a harm reduction framework. Explore how you relate to gender based violence with historical context and background. 

With the purchase of this zine you get discounted access to our Cultivate Consent Workbook Accompaniment miniclass which includes 8 of our collective members going through the core content of our Cultivate Consent workbook, the first workbook we ever released, and talking about the roots of gender based violence, boundaries, harm reduction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and visions of a consent based future. This class is supportive to peer educators, youth and adults, and anyone looking to level up their consent skills in all aspects of life.


Liberatory Education Workbook– Newly available in Spring 2022! This workbook is created by Spring Up as a space for us to reflect on our pedagogy and tools for liberatory education as solidified in our online school platform, bluelight academy of the liberatory arts, after 10+ years of development through community, youth, and organizational education spaces. A great reference for designing liberatory learning spaces in community or in formal education settings, this workbook includes scenarios about how to put your principles into practice when it comes to disability justice, LGBTQIA inclusion, countering anti-Blackness, and more. We share about Spring Up’s pedagogy, our core pillars of facilitation, how we see oppression showing up in learning spaces, and how to practice harm reduction and shift towards more liberatory learning spaces. This workbook also shares some of our favorite practices and games for fun digital learning spaces on zoom, how we address harm in learning spaces, and how to care for yourself as an educator / facilitator.


Resilience + Revitalization Zine– Resilience + Revitalization is an invitation to deepen our relationships with what it can mean to be accountable to our needs, desires, and healing. What and who do we draw upon for strength? How do we grow toward resiliency in a culture that forces many of us to choose constantly between immediate and long-term survival and safety? What can it mean to explore accountable, loving, and sustainable relationships to self and others? This zine explores what it can mean to engage our relationships with our bodies, minds, and spirits in ways that honor the vulnerability required to show up for ourselves and our communities. Featuring new works by over 15 contributors who are young, queer, trans, of color, disabled, incarcerated, and more, R+R offers us all the opportunity to connect with what is necessary to forge the futures we want to live in.

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