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  • "Imagine" Elemental Curated Bundle

"Imagine" Elemental Curated Bundle


"To actualize anything, we must first imagine it."


Inspired by our pillar "Imagine" associated with the element of air, this bundle is perfect for the Air signs in your life! 


An $81 value for only $55!


This bundle comes with:

  • "Imagine" Botanical Perfume ($25)​​​​​​​
    • Imagine is a whimsical scent that will carry you to fairy gardens to rest with ease on an unfurling fern leaf, allowing spaciousness as you enter your dreamscape. Each bottle carries rose hips to float about and invigorate your heart. The floral undertones will infuse the air around you as you wear this perfume with a grapeseed base oil. This botanical perfume has been created by Kai Werder in collaboration with Spring Up as part of the Spring/Summer '23 market capsule collection. Inspired by our pillar "Imagine" it is associated with the element of air. 

      Ingredients: lavender, violet leaf, mullein, sandalwood, pink peppercorn, and rose

      About the creator: Kai Werder is an educator, care laborer, and restorative justice practitioner who believes in the power of relationship building to move towards a liberatory future. They aim to curate healing spaces that invite curiosity, connection, and transformation. Kai learned the practice of using scents for storytelling from their dear friend Rachel Neirene and have deepened their relationship to plant friends through the art of botanical perfuming.

  • Holographic Xy'lai sticker ($6)​​​​​​​
    • Die-cut holographic sticker of interdimensional guide Xy'lai from our Resilience + Revitalization (R+R) project
  • Rose quartz pendant ($35)
    • This hand-shaped pendant is wrapped in 22 gauge 12K gold wire. The crystal featured is rose quartz representing not only self-love but love for our community. Imagine a world full of love and respect, where we value being unique individuals but where we also value togetherness. This crystal pendant has been created by mxlwdesigns in collaboration with Spring Up as part of the Spring/Summer '23 market capsule collection. Inspired by our pillar "Imagine" this pendant is associated with the element of air.

      Size: Varies between 3.7-5". Each pendant is uniquely shaped and wrapped and comes with a leather necklace with 22k gold filled crimp ends + clasp.

      About the creator: Sylvia (she/her) is a queer Latinx creative. During a transition period in Sylvia’s life, she discovered a calling working with the healing power of crystals and at this time she founded mxlwdesigns and her holistic wellness company mx. lifestyle & wellness. She is passionate about expressing herself artistically through wire wrapping and hand-shaping each crystal. When crafting and planning each design Sylvia centers herself to make sure each crystal is filled with clear energy and a specific intention. 

  • Liberatory Education Zine ($10)
    • ​​​​​​​This workbook is created by Spring Up as a space for us to reflect on our pedagogy and tools for liberatory education as solidified in our online school platform, bluelight academy of the liberatory arts, after 10+ years of development through community, youth, and organizational education spaces. A great reference for designing liberatory learning spaces in community or in formal education settings, this workbook includes scenarios about how to put your principles into practice when it comes to disability justice, LGBTQIA inclusion, countering anti-Blackness, and more. We share about Spring Up’s pedagogy, our core pillars of facilitation, how we see oppression showing up in learning spaces, and how to practice harm reduction and shift towards more liberatory learning spaces. This workbook also shares some of our favorite practices and games for fun digital learning spaces on zoom, how we address harm in learning spaces, and how to care for yourself as an educator / facilitator.
  • Elephant post card from our Resilience & Revitalization project ($5)
    • ​​​​​​​The elephant guide holds the wisdom of stories.


*Limited quantity available*


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