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  • Xy'lai + Mushroom Cluster Sticker Pack

Xy'lai + Mushroom Cluster Sticker Pack

This pack comes with a Spring Up sticker along with 2 die-cut stickers of interdimensional guide Xy'lai from our Resilience + Revitalization (R+R) project and a vibrant colorful mushroom cluster.
“Mushrooms are a great teacher in this recentering work. One of our oldest ancestors, mycelium / mushrooms show us that the instances of life we can witness, the mushroom, is always evidence of a much more complex and wider network of connections underground. The same thing is true with conflict and harm — we are all connected to each other, at our best and at our worst”
- adrienne maree brown, We Will Not Cancel Us 
Featured Items + Specs:
Xy'lai Sticker - 2" x 4"
Mushroom Cluster Sticker - 4.8" x 2.5"
Spring Up Sticker - 3" x 3"

Orders will ship out at the end of July '21
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