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Public Retreats

Our public retreats take some of our most requested content from our work with groups and organizations, and make them available to a broader audience. Upon completing a one-day retreat, participants will leave with both theoretical frameworks and concrete resources to support their work within their community.

Twice a year we offer three different public retreats on 1) Conflict Analysis, 2) Liberatory Facilitation, and 3) Harm Systems Design.


Before each retreat, participants will learn about our values, community agreements and harm response systems, have an opportunity to introduce themselves to their fellow students, and to submit questions to inform the facilitation and direction of the live event. At the conclusion of each retreat, participants will receive a list of additional resources and are invited to submit a personal artifact or reflection to the group to signify their learning. Additionally, each retreat includes optional coaching to support in personalizing the collective’s learnings.

Private Retreats

Interested in booking a private retreat for your group of 10+? Fill out our current "Collaborate with us!" form to express your interest and a member of our team will be in contact with you for booking.

Our current booking availability:


Spring: February 11 - April 1 → 7 weeks

Summer: June 5 - July 13 → 6 weeks

Fall: September 25 - November 2 → 6 weeks


The Conflict Analysis retreat is a six-hour event for organizers, leaders, mediators, coaches, therapists, and more--anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding and analysis skills of conflict. Within the retreat, participants will examine fictional scenarios and engage with tools to support empathy building, understand and map power dynamics, investigate the scale of the harm, and discuss the choice points available throughout the conflict.


The Liberatory Facilitation retreat is structured around the questions, “What does it take to be free together? And, what is the role of the facilitator / educator in supporting that freedom?” The six-hour retreat is great for anyone who facilitates learning experiences, whether they are teachers, trainers, community accountability facilitators, or leaders. Through dismantling notions of what ‘should’ happen in facilitated spaces and how people ‘should’ learn, participants learn skills to lead people and spaces towards differentiation and self-directed learning.


The six-hour Harm Systems Design retreat is great for organizational leaders, people from Human Resources or community accountability teams or entrepreneurs thinking about how to create systems in their endeavors. This retreat requires a minimum of two people from an organization to participate to share the learning. Through an examination of Organizational Accountability, what harm looks like in the participants’ context, and consideration of the legal liability requirements of organizations, participants will leave with examples and inspirations of how they can respond to harm given their unique context.

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