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  • Webinar + Q+A Bundle
  • Webinar + Q+A Bundle

Webinar + Q+A Bundle


We strongly encourage you to consider getting both a webinar and a Q+A with our team. Many of our clients have found this to be the most supportive way to dive into the content because it allows you to get to know us better through our philosophies and practices, you as a group get to develop shared language and a set of tools, as well as time to get customized private access to us in order to troubleshoot and talk through the specific challenges your community is facing. We love doing both the webinar and Q+As together so much that when you buy one, you can get the second one for half the price.


Webinar's to choose from:

Everyday Transformative Justice

Everyday Consent

Safety & Self Care

Organizational Accountability Wheel


Upon purchase, a member of the Spring Up team will contact you in the next 7-10 days to finalize scheduling and talk about potential add-ons.


Please note that the date for your event must be at least 3 weeks from booking (unless the timeline has already been discussed and approved by a Spring Up team member in writing prior to purchase).


Our current 2023 booking availability:

Spring: February 11 - April 1 → 7 weeks

Summer: June 5 - July 13 → 6 weeks

Fall: September 25 - November 2 → 6 weeks


We look forward to seeing you!

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